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About East Orlando

Our Vision:
Imagine East Orlando in the year 2020. The community’s remarkable educational achievement having garnered national attention, a powerful high-technology corridor now spans the length of the area, running from the University of Central Florida in the north to the newly-developed International Corporate Park in the south.  The community’s 265,000 residents and 80,000 employees move easily from place to place using a well-designed multi-modal transportation network, accessing the area’s key activity-centers at will.  East Orlando’s residents enjoy state-of-the-art healthcare facilities integrated within the very communities in which they live, learn, work, and play.  Speaking of play, the area boasts numerous recreational facilities, tied together through an extensive network of trails and greenways, many of which showcase the natural beauty of the Econlockhatchee River.  The area now offers a wide range of cultural events throughout the year, thanks to the ever-popular University of Central Florida Performing Arts Center.  Housing is plentiful and architecturally stimulating.  Roadways are well-landscaped.  The area’s carefully coordinated plazas and signage emit a true sense of place.  Having rallied behind a unifying vision, East Orlando now stands as a model community to the rest of the nation.

Realizing Our Vision:


Who lives in East Orlando?

  • Over 200,000 residents
  • Median age of 30 years old with 2.9 persons per household
  • One in every four people is under the age of 18
  • Average Household Income of $55,000+
  • Over 33% of those over age 25 have earned a Bachelor or Graduate degree, and over 45% possess an Associate degree or higher

Attitudes and Opinions

  • Over 66% of East Orlando residents polled do not believe that East Orlando receives its fair share of resources from Orange County
  • Over 72% of East Orlando residents polled believe that East Orlando should be its own recognizable community
  • Over 56% of East Orlando residents polled would be willing to give their personal time working to ensure that East Orlando receives adequate services and resources
  • Over 51% of East Orlando residents polled would support a “special assessment” or other “user fee” on the East Orlando region to improve the quality of life


  • East Orlando services over 90,000 students annually
  • Over 50,000 students attend the University of Central Florida, located on 1,415 acres east of Alafaya Trail
  • Over 34,000 primary and secondary students attends schools in the East Area Learning Community of the Orange County Public Schools
  • All 21 elementary schools are rated as “A” schools using the FCAT scoring system


  • East Orlando is home to over 30,000 employees working in over 2,600 businesses, including the University of Central Florida, Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation, and Lockheed Martin.
  • East Orlando is home to the Central Florida Research Park, ranked as one of the top ten research parks in the nation and containing nearly 9,000 employees in more than 85 different companies, including the headquarters of the nation’s simulation and training industry.
  • Waterford Lakes Town Center, the largest outdoor shopping center in the southeast United States, generates approximately 2,000 part and full-time positions while serving as the area’s central shopping district.


  • Florida Hospital East Orlando services over 11,000 inpatients and nearly 70,000 outpatients in its 155 bed facility annually
  • Of hospitals without a trauma center, Florida Hospital East Orlando has the busiest emergency department in all of Central Florida
  • East Orlando is home to 174 primary care physicians and 306 specialty doctors


  • East Orlando has witnessed population growth of over 80% since 1990, accounting for over 27% of Orange County’s total population growth over this time
  • East Orlando delivered a record 2,598 single-family units in 2002
  • Orange County Planning estimates East Orlando’s population to be over 210,000 by 2010, and over 265,000 by 2020


  • Parks or public lands cover approximately 12,530 acres, or over 18% of East Orlando’s total land area
  • The Hal Scott Preserve covers over 9,000 acres along the Econlockhatchee River, providing a glimpse into Florida’s past
  • Residents of East Orlando are recreationally-active, with over 88% responding that they exercise at least once per week


  • Residents rate transportation as the most important issue facing East Orlando today
  • Regional access to and from the area is granted by the East-West Expressway (SR 408), the GreeneWay Expressway (SR 417), and the BeeLine Expressway (SR 528)
  • Residents report a heavy dependence on their motor vehicle, with almost 64% of households possessing two or more vehicles


**Data from the 2003/2004 East Orlando Visioning Report**


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