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"I want to say thank you to Michelle Miller, Kathy Mills, Andrew Cole, Tina Blount and Jennifer Englert!  I cannot thank you and your office team enough for my experience at the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce today, (May 24, 2017).


Not only was I treated with exceptional kindness and warmth, but the support I received in regards to my business from all of you was beyond anything I could have ever imagined from people who I just met. I am sending all of my fellow entrepreneur friends your way and will relate the wonderful reception I received before and after I became a member. And just when I didn't think it could get any better than what was happening at that moment; I met the Board Chair, Jennifer Englert. She along with everyone in the office embraced me and my "new business" in such a wonderful way.  The excitement in the air was electric and I left the office knowing with confidence that I had an amazing team who would support and help my business soar. 


THIS is how one should experience becoming a member of a Chamber of Commerce.  I am so privileged to be in the company of such an amazing group of people. Thank you for making me feel accepted and appreciated.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year and many years to come.  EOCC Rocks!!!"


 Constance Serrano of Hold My Luggage

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